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At DIVA, we strive to keep this at the center of everything we do. Right now, our world is in trouble - and a lot of it is happening because of us. While our company can’t change the entire ocean, we can do our part in changing our drop. And, to us, that’s just as important.


Our Sharing is Caring Initiative dedicates a percentage of every sale to organizations that are helping to change as many drops as possible. Together, we believe that our small drops will add up, getting big enough to make a real splash - and hopefully positively changing the current state of our oceans and our land.

 DIVA Brazilian Swimwear is currently supporting:

WWF - World Wildlife Fund, Hong Kong

On the ground in China, this WWF office is on a mission to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment. Understanding that it’s possible to create a world where humans live in harmony with nature, the WWF works to create positive change in Hong Kong and around China. WWF’s work focuses on:


  • Oceans: Current programs are encouraging people and businesses to stop consuming and purchasing shark fins, as well as other unsustainable seafood products. Additionally, the WWF is working to protect at-risk species, including the Chinese White Dolphin.


  • Biodiversity + Sustainability: The WWF takes into consideration the current needs of the human population, finding ways to provide for everyone, including wildlife in its natural habitat.


  • Climate + Energy: The main goal of the WWF in Hong Kong is to transform the heavily-polluted city into a low carbon city powered by a high percentage of renewable energy.


  • Water + Wetlands: The WWF in Hong Kong is helping to sustain the rich biodiversity of the area, including world-class wetlands like Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay.


  • Community Education + Education: The WWF educates the next generation to be more environmentally conscious, giving them the tools and knowledge they need to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.