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U.V Line

UV.LINE was established in 2003 as a result of extensive research, including tissue studies and consulting with dermatologists, in addition to the daily effort to ensure high-quality standards. UV.LINE is the first Latin American company to market clothes with sun protection.

Today UV.Line study the world fashion trends and look for the latest in textile technology to create cutting-edge products for our families, our friends and for you.

UV.LINE uses fabrics that guarantee 50+ FPUs in all products, which means they block at least 98% of UV radiation. FPU 50+ clothing and accessories are indicated against radiation at all times of the year. By filtering the UVA and UVB rays, UV.LINE articles help to remove harmful effects of radiation, such as the appearance of spots, photo-aging, burns and skin cancer.

All fabrics used by UV.LINE are subjected to rigorous testing by the Australian Agency for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (ARPANSA).